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Instagram star who has earned over 1 million followers. His online content is often satirical and features a mix of both text and video. Beginning with Vine videos in 2014, he began to gain attention from other online websites such as Worldstar before switching over to Instagram. Since than he's become an phenomenal  social media influencer. One of the founders of Collab Crib, which is a management team for some of the best influencers on the internet. Constantly staying creative RobbiiWorld is one of the most entertaining creatives in the business. 


Atlanta native originally known as Big Peaches from the Jonesboro South community projects in Atlanta, Ga, where she learned the streets of surviving from hustling, witnessing friends crossing one another over money and facing death. She decided to be the voice for the young kids, the mothers that lost their kids, the children without a father or mother. She's spoken at several funerals, platforms of many peers speaking about gun violence, police brutality or been a motivational speaker. After a while, her name changed from Big Peaches to Good Game Auntie because the stories that she tell are all life experiences that many can relate to on so many different levels. She's worked with entertainers in the music industry to bring awareness to these many problems, and has been featured on, good friends with Monica “R&B singer” music video, Tonya Wright, Young Jeezy album “Church in the streets”, Tiny Harris, Rick Ross, Mike Epps, Young Thug, Gunna, etc.


Amber Ali

The Chicago entrepreneur is a caterer/private chef and reality super star who caught her big break on the Joseline Cabaret reality show, that aired on Zeus Tv Network. With over 105,000 Instagram followers Amber Ali has become a fan favorite. People from all across the world have fell in love with Ali's courage's spirit and amazing food. 



The 6'3 model  has become one of televisions hottest entertainers. Making her name on the Joseline Cabaret reality show, Kapri has become one of Zeus Television Network, most loved stars. With over 43,000 Instagram followers Kapri is receiving new endorsements, ambassador deals, and being booked to host some of Atlanta's hottest events. 



Rapper and entertainer who became the founder of Most Powerful People (MPP), All Boss Chycks (ABC) and the Miss Priss step team. She’s also started the urban hip hop dance class known as TwerkFit. Miss Raindrop is a well known Rapper. Miss was born on December 10, 1990 in Columbus, OH. Miss Raindrop is a member of famous Rapper list. Known for her album "Hear Me Now" with nearly 300,000 Instagram followers Miss Raindrop has become one of social media hottest influencers 



Radio personality on be100radio who has appeared on numerous television shows and featured in several blogs. Both he and Toni Braxton attended Bowie State University. One of the most successful radio personality from the state of Maryland. Under the Michelle Management company, Santiago is one the most elite party host of the decade. 


Autumn Marini

American R&B singer who gained fame with the release of her first single, "Drive," in 2021. Her music and image have often drawn comparisons to Aaliyah. She was the first artist signed to Blackground Records 2.0. She studied at the University of South Florida. Autumn has a incredible high school fan base and have been on tours to help stop the violence within the youth. Model, actress, and entrepreneur  



The Democratic State Representative for Georgia House District 58. Cannon is an advocate for growth in her neighborhoods to be balanced, smart and neighborhood-approved. She works every day to bring more good jobs to local families. Cannon continues to be a strong ally to our local schools, as she works to increase affordable healthcare for all. 




From hosting events for nonprofits, such as Permission To F.L.Y., telling informative stories, event hosting, to interviewing celebrities on the Super Bowl Red Carpet — Givens has her pulse on the community. She was selected to be part of Faces By Dior Atlanta. The initiative celebrates women making positive differences in the community.  Givens is an alum of Eastern Michigan University. She enjoys serving her community through various organizations like The Children's Center, HOPE Worldwide, Habitat for Humanity, and the Junior League of Atlanta. As a wife and mother of two boys, Givens believes it is important to set an example for young woman. She enjoys volunteering, cooking, spending time with friends and family, and watching movies that either make her either laugh or cry.




Renitta Shanbay Shannon is an American politician who currently serves as a Democratic member of the Georgia House of Representatives. In 2016, Shannon defeated a four-term Democratic incumbent. In January 2017, she was sworn into the Georgia State House of Representatives to represent the 84th district.  She is a running for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia in the 2022 election. 



Host, Philanthropist,TV Personality, Producer and On-Air Talent for Atlanta's number one station Streetz 94.5.

With time comes wisdom and with experience comes strength; Ferrari Simmons is the epitome of just that. Affectionately called "Rari," he has solidified his place in the entertainment industry. Establishing relationships with a wide array of entertainers most notably personalities and executives, as well as, creating a strong presence in the community has allowed Ferrari to become an industry connector.


As a Beauty Water Brand Ambassador, recipient of the Top 20 Influencer of the Year Award, Salute the DJ Best Radio Personality Award, and the Ford Motor Company “Go Further” Award, Ferrari has set the bar high and has become a trailblazer among his peers. In 2020 Ferrari was voted as the Top 10 Radio DJ in the country via Radio Facts. Being a former part-time personality/producer on an Atlanta Hip Hop station, allowed Rari the opportunity to be mentored by legends in the radio industry. This helped him to further his skill set and knowledge of the business, while easily molding him into one of today's most talented radio personalities.


His love for music, eye for detail, and drive for success helped secure him the position as Music Director and the prime time day slot on Streetz 94.5. Ferrari is heard live weekdays, 2Pm-6PM in Atlanta, Ga. He can also be heard on The Baller Alert Show with Su Solo on and iHeart podcast weekly, as well as, on DTLR radio every Saturday. 


just brittany

Just Brittany is a recording artist and singer, originally from Houston, Texas.She has put out 7 projects since 2010. Brittany was part of the original cast of Love & Hip Hop: Houston.  In 2017, Brittany became one of the winners of the VH1 show Signed, under the mentorship of Rick Ross. In 2018 Just Brittany joins the supporting cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in season seven, as an aspiring artist under Stevie J's management. She is a 3x Billboard Charting artist.  With nearly 700K Instagram followers Just Brittany has become one of the internet’s most successful influencer. 




Faith is a senior writer for CNN Digital who focuses on the most important cultural moments and trends across a wide range of topics. Before that, she worked as a news editor and weekend assigning editor for CNN Digital, a role that included coaching overnight writers and supervising national assignments. Off work, she loves traveling and writing, and has been to 42 states in the US and four continents. She's also written a children's book, "Bernie and the Lonely Rhino," about a little boy who goes to Kenya and is captivated by a northern white rhino -- a nearly extinct subspecies. Before coming to CNN, Faith worked as a copy editor at The Press-Enterprise in California and The Baltimore Sun in Maryland, where she helped cover President Obama's first run for the White House. 



R&B newcomer Damar Jackson is a star. The talented singer out of DeRidder, Louisiana has an  impressive confidence that makes it clear he knows exactly where he belongs. As a young prodigy who began playing the drums and keys at his church at the age of 9, Jackson stood in awe of great vocal performances as far back as he can remember, watching greats like Prince and Michael Jackson. His mother, also a singer in the church, fully nurtured his talent, enrolling him in music lessons as soon as she discovered her son’s innate talent .  He booked and promoted his own shows, which would lead to opportunities to open for artists like Bobby V, Day 26, and Ludacris. Damar continued to perfect his craft as a songwriter and producer, contributing to K-Camp’s success with songs like the hit single “Comfortable.” 

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